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Deserved MBE for June Simm

In the first New Years Honours List of His Majesty King Charles III he recognised our very own June Simm by awarding her an MBE. June was recognised for the amazing service that she has given to children and young people in the area of Education and the positive impact that she has had, and into her retirement continues to have, in the lives of those children and their families.

June has dedicated her entire career to teaching (something she had wanted to do since she was a small child). June studied for and achieved a Bachelor of Divinity degree at King's College London followed by training to become a teacher. June began her teaching career at Culcheth High School where she spent two years. June then moved to Fazakerley High School where she spent, what she describes as "the most amazing 36 years and where half of my heart is. I ended up as Assistant Headteacher".

June retired in 2010 but as she states "I wasn't quite ready to hang up my boots yet". June has been a governor in four schools and chair in two of them - Pinehurst Primary and Emmaus CoE and Catholic Primary since that time. June sits on admission appeals panels and exclusion review panels.

June is involved in a number of projects where she has facilitated workshops for Liverpool's Community Spirit working with Year 2 pupils through to PGCE trainees. June also goes into schools by invitation to deliver Judaism workshops and works with St Cuthbert's uniformed organisations when they are working for their faith badge and she says the following "as well as those roles i have, just to keep me out of mischief I do private tutoring at GCSE and A Level in RE, History and English".

I am sure you will all agree with His Majesty the King Charles III and all of us here at St Cuthbert's that June is very deserving of her MBE. Congratulations June.

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