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Worship during Covid-19


 We continue to have regular worship at St Cuthberts and we join together with All Saints Stoneycroft from our deanery on the YouTube Channel "Allcuthbert"  This is our purpose built Channel for services during this lockdown period. ​We share with All Saints stoneycroft our online services and it's been a pleasure to work with another church in our deanery.

The Services at present 

An Evening reflection continues daily at 7pm except on Sunday.
Holy Communion continues on a Wednesday 09:30am and 10:30am on Sunday morning.
Toodles@4 is our new Toddler church which streams live on Sunday afternoon live at 4pm  
30th August onward we have worship in church at 6pm please book for these services as places limited. The online services and  the 10:30 sunday morning service will continue as it is at the moment.   ​

PLEASE DO GIVE TO OUR CHURCH  help us to still be able to support ventures.
​As a church we are struggling with the bills like many people so please give by parish giving scheme (see page)

or by Give a little which pays direct into our Bank account and helps us with Gift Aid. 

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Please note if you are a key holder you must inform churchwardens or Rev Laura before entering the church building. Thisis for track and trace- or use the NHS app to log in.

The Church building remains closed in the week. Unless previously arranged with the Vicar.

The Community Hall is available for Hire.  

Responsive & Interactive

The church has remained active and has responded well to the covid-19 continuing to love thy neighbour with Neighbourhood Buddies. These buddies are still active and will help with shopping and with prescription pick ups.  Just contact Rev Laura for details. 

Dear Friends, we are living in increasingly anxious times for everyone because of the Coronavirus (Covid-19) situation.
​I want to reassure you that our prayers and pastoral support, especially for the most vulnerable in our communities, is something that all churches including us at St Cuthberts will continue to take very seriously.
As a PCC we have made a decision to open for a 6pm communion after the lockdown once more. We will keep the online church in the morning at 10:30am as well.

We have done a thorough risk assessment and the church is now marked up with a one way system and 2 meter markings and we can hold aprox 20 people - some of these are in family groups of 4 and 3 and the rest are in single and couple chairs.

I am afraid for the time being there can be no creche or sunday school but this will be monitored and reviewed regularly.

Children who come to the short Holy communion service will need to be kept either on knees or a chair booked for them and they cannot wander at present around the church.

For us that will feel alien as we have always welcomed children and still do, but we must maintain the 2 meter distancing where that is possible for the safety of all. 
As well as the pain of this situation comes an opportunity for us to explore the truth we proclaim that ‘The Church’ is the people of God and not confined to a building.
We will seek different ways to be church other than congregating together in person.
Using the internet and technology we will use Zoom and Youtube platforms as well as updating facebook pages. We have a survey for all parishioners on the estate (which is aprox 6000) people so that people can form how we look to the future and how we as church can help where there are gaps.

Live streaming of Holy communion will continue in the new place of mine and Howard’s study on our all purpose Youtube channel ALLCUTHBERT  and we now produce a service with many of you involved and I am grateful how many of you have joined in with this venture. Not everyone is online so do please share 'Daily Hope' with all who need to have worship each week from the church. 

If you would like someone to talk to or pray for you over the telephone please ring me Rev'd Laura on 07780448274. Or contact me via messenger, what’s app, or email.

We are also seeking advice about how we might be able to safely help the most vulnerable and isolated of our parish with simple practical needs such as grocery shopping etc. The buddies must continue to do this in a safe way and I thank you that St Cuthberts is looking after our parish so well.

Things are changing rapidly at the moment so please return to this site regularly for updates as we are committed to following the national church guidance which is updated daily at Coronavirus (COVID-19) guidance for churches @ The Church of England

As a church we have put a buddy system in place and are using this to keep parishioners safe during isolation and in contact with the church.
Our buddies have already helped a number in Isolation and many joined the scheme so that each street is cared for.

You can do this by either filling in the card that you can see below and delivering to neighbours or phone Rev Laura on 07780448274 and give her your name and number and she can add you to the whats app group. You must obey all government officials and announcements and keep safe as a priority.

We are as a church working closely with our local councillors Jo and Anthony and we are trying to make a data base of those in isolation with out relatives or over 70 or living at crisis so that we can as the weeks go on sort out food and resources as necessary. 

Facebook is regularly updated and we have issued a service of isolation and we can say this together with Communion

Advice from national sources: Church of England:www.churchofengland.org/more/media-centre/coronavirus-covid-19-guidance-churches

NHS: www.nhs.uk/conditions/coronavirus-covid-19/

Intercessions - : Please remember and pray for the most vulnerable in our community. There are those who will be self-isolating and who may be feeling anxious. We should, as a society, do all within our power to keep ourselves and each other safe.
Please remember and pray for those who work on the front line, the most vulnerable and those who have contracted COVID-19.

"Lord Jesus Christ, you taught us to love our neighbour, and to care for those in need as if we were caring for you. In this time of anxiety, give us strength to comfort the fearful, to tend the sick, and to assure the isolated of our love, and your love, for your name’s sake. Amen."

We are trying to do our very best here at St Cuthberts Church and we would ask that we all pull together during this difficult and challenging time. There is no doubt a huge level of disruption and disappointment but we must keep safe and protect all our neighbours.
we will do our best to maintain ministry following the advice given which may change on a day to day basis. We ask that you bear with us and thank you for your support.



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