Welcome to our Eco Church Page. Enjoy looking through our gallery of Eco Church photos and all the activities you can be involved with this year


As part of Liverpool Diocese Rule of Life we have become an Eco - Church and have obtained our Silver Award. 
Rachael Kiel is our new adult Environmental officer and champion( alongside Rev Laura) for the church and she is keen to ensure we all do our very best for Gods Creation and ensuring good stewardship as we prepare for the future. Working with a teams of youth who are also Environmental minded for St Cuthberts I am sure more things will be posted on a regular basis. 
We can all do our part so below you will find out some top tips. 

​Do come and join in with us on this exciting days held throughout the year and this year during Covid -19 we  will also be celebrating our Environment and what we can do as a church on various Sundays during 2021 We will be holding Climate Sunday in September 2021 building on what we have done in 2020. 

We wish to support not only Christian aid and Tearfund but this year can we please pray each week for Watersheds Ecosystems which is a conservation project in Kenya. 

As part of our commitment We have also off set our carbon and will continue to use 360 Carbon to monitor ourselves and continue to bring down our net Carbon by 0.9 TCO2 by 2023. 

What can I do?
Here are things you can do to help: What can I do at home, at work or at school to make a difference?

Start by taking a quick survey to find out your carbon footprint.
WWF have a good Carbon Calculator. as do 360 Carbon  about How did you

  1. Make one change a week to green your lifestyle. 52 eco tips.

  2. Take the Church of England Plastic Reduction Challenge. 40 small actions to reduce your single use plastic consumption. 

  3. What about the things I just can’t change? Try carbon offsetting to pay the true cost of some of our lifestyle elements. Climate Stewards is a Christian carbon offsetting organisation

  4. Find out what God is already doing to care for the local environment. What other local community groups exist? Could you join or support them? Help out at Croxteth Hall perhaps? we are surrounded by beautiful landscape volunteer for either the church grounds or the local halls and help clear litter and plant trees and plants to offset carbon.

Top Tips 

  1. Each day of pray for one thing in creation that you care about e.g the birds in your garden, or even your favourite food. Thank God for it. This year we actively pray for Water Sheds Eco systems in Kenya as well as Christian aid projects and Tear fund. 

  2. Set aside time each week to go for a walk (or look out of your window if you are not able at present) and actively appreciate Gods creation, remembering how we are wholly dependent on it for our survival

  3. Become part of the Eco Group 

  4. Help if you can with the 2021 BIG BUILD project

Did you Know?

Did you know that the UK throws away 7.2 million tonnes of food each year? Most of it could have been eaten.
There are many ways to reduce what is left and make sure spare food is put to good use: Get some tips from Love Food Hate Waste

Share leftover food after a church event using the Olio app 

Prayers based on Psalms, with “the enemy” being climate change or “the powers that be” that are causing it – by Ruth Jarman

A prayer based on Psalm 4 by Ruth Jarman

“Answer me when I call to you,
O my righteous God.
Give me relief from my distress;
be merciful to me and hear my prayer.”
How long, O men and women, will you turn the glory of the earth into dangerous pollution?
How long will we love the delusion of consumerism and seek the false gods of money and possessions?
Help us to remember that you have set apart the godly for yourself;
that you will hear us when we call to you.
In our exasperation and anxiety do not let us lose hope;
when we have quiet times in the day,
let us search our hearts and be silent.
Help us to live our lives sacrificially and to trust in the Lord.
Many are asking “What is the point? The earth is finished. Who can save us now?”
“Let the light of your face shine upon us, O Lord.
You have filled my heart with greater joy
than when their grain and new wine abound.
I will lie down and sleep in peace,
for you alone, O Lord make me dwell in safety 

Eco Church updates

January 2021

The Dads and Lads Big Eco Build!

New Venture - St Cuthberts is to open up some raised beds to make an allotment area.
We are holding a Big Build on Saturday March 13th at 10am (lockdown allowing, following covid guidelines) and we will ask that you bring your own tools to help in this venture.
Dads and Lads will lead the way in making some accessible raised beds. One of which will be wheel chair height. As well as a small bed being outside the church at the front (small due to vandalism that has taken place) and a number of beds in the churches grounds.
The venture is to help with raising the mental health of our community, and to teach valuable skills to our younger members with the hope that family’s will take on rows or even a small bed and care for it.
As an Eco church It is hoped the veg will be able to be used by Aplace2B when it Re-opens for its lunches and making the food used local, organic and sustainable. We will also recycle and reuse materials for the rises beds. Any surplus can be sold each week in the summer months which will be put back into the funds for the allotment.
We have a young person lead Arren, who will manage any youth projects and who will help co-ordinate the big build and take over the care of some smaller tubs made by Eco diocese last year and is already growing strawberry plants in his greenhouse at home. Seeds can also be swapped.

Below you can see the plan for the Church allotment design.

Big Garden Birdwatch

Why not join us in 2021 and take part in the RSPB - Big Garden Bird Watch. It takes place on 29-31 January. You can sign up and join in on and then share your photos with us and the RSPB on social media.

Lets work together to encourage more wildlife into our gardens. Even the smallest of gardens can offer habitats for wildlife. The below tips are already some of the things we have done in the Church grounds to encourage wildlife.


1. Put Up Nesting Boxes.

This is an ideal time to do this before spring so you do not disrupt the breeding season.

2. Plant a Tree

Native trees will help attract birds and insects.

3. Grow a Hedge

Hedges provide additional nesting areas for birds and small animals.

4. Grow Wildflowers

Butterflies and bees are drawn to areas of wildflower.

5. Cultivate a Wilderness Area

Leave an area of wild lawn to mimic a meadow.

6. Hang a Bird Feeder

Hang a bird feeder filled with unsalted peanuts.

7. Erect a Bird Table and Bath

A bird table provides a useful feeding perch away from predators and a bird bath provides a water source for drinking and washing.

8. Attract Mammals

Offer Hedgehogs a safe place to hibernate in the winter by buying a hedgehog house.

9. Create a Water Feature or Pond

If you have space for a pond this will diversify your garden ecosystem, or if not, even a small water feature will help to attract different creatures.

10. Observe and Photograph

Share your photos with us on Facebook / Instagram and Twitter and let us know what has been going on in your garden now you have made these changes.

February 2021

What does Eco Church mean?

As an Eco Church we completed an online Eco Survey about how we care for God's earth in different areas of our life and work. For each answer we provided we collected points towards our Eco Church Award. The more we do as a Church the more points we get. There are three level of Eco Church Award - Bronze, Silver and Gold. We currently have a Silver Award and are working towards our Gold award. The Eco team focus on the following areas to ensure we meet the requirements for Silver and put in place changes that means we can obtain the Gold award. 

There are five key areas that we need to work on as part of our church life:

1. Worship and teaching

2. Management of church buildings

3. Management of church land

4. Community and global engagement

5. Lifestyle

If you would like to be part of the Eco team at St Cuthbert's we can always do with more helpers, let us know.

As a church and church community there are many things we are doing already and many more things we can do together. Being eco friendly is about celebrating creation, being good stewards with what we're given, and passing on those values to the next generation. 

There are lots of seemingly little things we can all do to play our part in reducing landfill waste, cleaning the air, and preserving the natural landscape.

Here are small, easy, green choices we can make in our homes this February. Choose three that you're not already doing, and make them a habit this year. These are things we do in church and want to encourage the congregation and local community to do the same. Each month we will set new challenges so they eventually become the normal way of life for us all. 

Send us your stories and picture of what you have done in February, so we can celebrate the good news together and encourage others to do the same.


Plant a simple garden. It's good to remember where our food originates, and it doesn't have to be huge or complicated.


Switch you lightbulbs to energy efficient types.


Create a homemade compost bin and get composting all the fruit and vegetable peels to start.


When it's time, replace appliances to energy efficient models.


Stop using disposable bags. 


Buy an inexpensive reusable water bottle, and stop buying plastic single use bottles.


Walk, or ride a bike for shopping in local shops, to school, or to church. This helps the environment, your pocket, your waist line and also supports local businesses.

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