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APLACE2B is our Wellbeing Cafe which runs every Thursday 11:30-2:30pm It's also 'A place of Welcome' registered. The Cafe which is run by donations only, serves a free lunch, tea and coffee.

 It's a group where you can bring your friends - just like a normal cafe, But should you require some mental health support then we can offer that too with people trained in mental health as well as a counsellor available to talk to in confidence should you want to. We can also signpost you to our Pastoral support team and to external support. Put simply it's Aplace2B happy and Aplace2B sad (if that's how you feel we would hope you feel better by the end of the cafe session!) It's Aplace2B supported, APlace2B connected to others, APlace2B peaceful and most of all It's Aplace2B yourself! 


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