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And Covid Came....

Today I was reflecting on the last few months and I have had a go at writing it in poem form. I like to do this as it helps condense my thoughts so I thought I would share it with you.

The Virus came to our shores

tiny insignificant we thought,

just a few will catch it .. it's a bit like the flu

nothing to worry about at all

Then lockdown.

and people stayed at home, churches closed

jobs furloughed, time on their hands ...

and they read books, watched tv

and laughed once more with families

and the earth healed a little.

And then the deaths began to rise

people scared, masks outside,

people listened and people clapped,

people cared and shared

and people prayed,

and people changed

and people saw the error of their ways.

They grieved the dead and slowly

slowly the rate began to drop

and the sun shone and people took

their chances to sit in parks together,

changed forever?

but Autumn came and the virus did the same,

and people were angry as the

rules and regulations seemed to change

as quickly as the leaves began to fall from the trees;

And anger brewed as conspiracy theories raged

as Covid came to stay.

and people grieved

and people prayed...

and prayed for the day when the vaccines reigned.

But will people learn the error of their ways?

As nature grieved the loss of trees

and habitats much needed by

the bats and birds and bees?

And plastic builds dams along our shores

killing life as they absorb

the microbeads and masks of course

and people grieved

and people prayed

will people learn the error of their ways?

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