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Introducing The Wellbeing Journey

The Wellbeing Journey is a new series to help churches and communities address the challenges of our times. Following the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic, local churches are in a unique place to lead communities on this holistic journey to physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing. 

HOPE Together and KingsGate Church, Peterborough, are working to develop a video journey drawing on Kingsgate’s Wellbeing sermon series and a new book by their lead pastor Dr Dave Smith, published by Waverley Abbey. The videos will be presented by Simon Thomas (Prime Video Sport/ Sky Sports/ Blue Peter) and  Joanna Abeyinka-Burford (BBC, Channel 5, Nickelodeon), with contributions from leading experts in different fields.
The eight video sessions are:

  • Week one: Introduction 

  • Week two: A wellbeing mindset 

  • Week three: Physical wellbeing 

  • Week four: Emotional wellbeing 

  • Week five: Spiritual wellbeing 

  • Week six: Relational wellbeing 

  • Week seven: Financial wellbeing 

  • Week eight: Vocational wellbeing


Here at St Cuthberts we invite you on ZOOM to come together to learn and focus on our wellbeing together using the course materials. This will be on a Thursday from 28th January 2021 at 7pm 

There is a book published by Waverley Abbey Resources. ‘God’s Plan for Your Wellbeing’ by Dave Smith offers a 50-day devotional – fuel for the journey. The book cost £8.99 or £5 a copy for orders of 20 or more. Find out more here.
Endorsing the book, Dr Roger Bretherton Clinical Psychologist and Associate Professor in Psychology, University of Lincoln (UK), says, ‘Dave Smith has learned the lessons of wellbeing the hard way, by asking tough personal questions and finding answers that can help us all. To my mind this is one of the best wellbeing resources available to Christians. It distils biblical, psychological, and medical expertise into bite-sized meditations covering all aspects of wellbeing, and most importantly, offers practical steps we can all take towards living life to the full. This book is a repository of wisdom and a gift to the church. It isn’t even out yet and I’ve been recommending it furiously.’

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