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All attendance is monitored at St Cuthberts to allow us to sign school admission forms as fairly and as truthfully as possible these forms are kept for up to 9 years. 

Please be reassured by this -it is your responsibility to mark in your attendance and we ask for parent and child to be present this means we know who has attended weekly/fortnightly/ monthly / and occasionally. 

We know that church attendance for some schools is required ( Church of England and Catholic especially) and we do encourage people to attend and become involved in church life and hopefully stay with us for many years. 

During Covid-19 since March 19th we have been closed until 30th August. This lack of attendance will not be marked against anyone so please do not be discouraged we will only be marking down when you where able to freely attend church. All schools have acknowledged this. 

If you are a regular and need a form signing please contact Rev Laura - 07780448274 

If your not a regular or attended a while back please contact Mrs June Simm. If Laura is not available for signing PLEASE SEE JUNE Junes number is (07772098416) as she has full permission of the Incumbent to sign forms on Laura's behalf. 

June will also be running sessions on how to fill in your local authority form. This is to help prevent people needing to appeal. June Who has a MBE for teaching and is a person who sits on appeals has vast experience in this area and so is happy to run events in the community room but you must be booked on 

Junes number is 07772098416

Please also be reassured you do not need to be confirmed. This is a personal choice to ask for the Holy spirit to walk with you throughout your life and to make a statement that you will be part of the churches teaching. This is not required by secondary schools for admission. Although we actively encourage anyone wanting to make this commitment. At present confirmations are on hold during this crisis period.

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