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Tuesday and Wednesday each week 

Mental health and wellbeing is important in all areas of our lives and Mindfulness is a practice that can help us to promote self care while also keeping our hearts and mind still.

We all have those moments of anxiety when we dont quite know what to do, and that has been increased during the lockdown periods during this years pandemic. 

Mindfulness has been used in biblical times as well as today and of course it  is now used widely to help us manage our own mental health and wellbeing. Prayer can be a form of Mindfulness-and Christian Mindfulness often focuses on a prayers or bible verse. We can also use our bodies to express prayer and to bring our focus onto the words or music to help us to relax almost like a form of Tai chi 

Rev'd Laura on a tuesday via zoom leads young peoples mindfulness At 6pm its for those  Children who are below 13 and young adult mindfulness begins at 6:30 for those above 13+  

please get in touch with Rev'd Laura for safeguarding and permission forms which need to be completed first by parent or guardian. 

Wednesday evening @ 6:30 is Adult mindfulness again on Zoom please do get in touch with Rev'd Laura for the codes to join, or see the parishioners Whats-app group. 

All are welcome come and find peace, relaxation and a drop in anxiety levels! see you there. 

N.B all sessions are free but if you feel like making a donation we will gratefully accept it! 


Meditation Class
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