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Throughout the year we hold different wellbeing events, such as Joytober, We also run courses around wellbeing, and of course, we have our Wellbeing cafe on a Thursday. We believe as a church that health and wellbeing are made up of several layers and spiritual wellbeing is just one layer. To care for parishioners holistically is about ensuring we value each layer and the many opportunities to help our Mental health and wellbeing. So we have weekly mindfulness and we enjoy one-off events too such as our Community wellbeing days.


Community WeLLbeing Day

This is a whole afternoon of speakers that will bring something that will help mental wellbeing as well as physical. It is recognised there are 5 steps for wellbeing. Connect, Take Notice, Give, Be Active and Keep Learning. 

The day's speakers are talking about a variety of things from Mental health and wellbeing, Mindfulness, yoga/ pilates, The importance of Sleep, Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Menopause, Men's health, etc.  We also have free therapies happening that afternoon. These range from hand massage, neck and shoulders massage, reflexology, aromatherapy, facials, etc. The day takes place on the 19th February 2022 12-4pm. 

Reflexology Therapy
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