Host of Angels November /December

This year we have picked Angels as our theme and angels in the bible where simply Gods messengers. So we have taken that and have used Angels to be our messengers to you.  We hope you have found our little gift from us as we have placed all over the estate hundreds of wooden angel baubles for you to find and decorate and place on your tree; OR you can place a name on the back or write a prayer for someone and place it on the tree in memory of someone or as a prayer for someone who is ill. 

We hope that you find a little bit of joy in finding these little eco friendly gifts.  bringing the message of Gods love from church to your home. 

#comfortandjoy #Hostofangels #stcuthberts 

4-6th DEc THE ANGEL SCARECROW FESTIVAL #comfortandjoy.

Our Angel Scarecrows will be made by parishioners and residents in their front Gardens and will carry messages of the Christmas story 

Each Scarecrow will contain a word such as Love, Peace, Emanuel, Hark the herald, Wise men, Joy, Hope etc etc. The will also contain the #stcuthberts #comfortandjoy #angelscarecrows and will help to make a trail around the estate to bring the Christmas story to life. They may be a nativity angel/ or an everyday occupation angel such as Nurse, Doctor, plumber. police. the choice is yours but they must contain a message of hope around Christs Birth.#makingmemories2020 #comfortandjoy #Stcuthberts