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Mission and Pastoral Measure 2011

Draft Pastoral Scheme

The Liverpool Diocesan Mission and Pastoral Committee has prepared a draft Pastoral Scheme which
provides for
• the union of the benefice of Saint David, Childwall; the benefice of Saint Andrew,
Clubmoor; the benefice of Saint Cuthbert, Croxteth Park; the benefice of Saint
Paul, The Apostle, Croxteth; the benefice of The Holy Spirit, Dovecot; the benefice
of Christ Church, Norris Green, Liverpool; the benefice of Saint Christopher, Norris
Green, Liverpool; the benefice of Saint Anne, Stanley and Saint Paul, Stoneycroft
and the benefice of The Good Shepherd, West Derby and their constituent
• the establishment of a team ministry for the new benefice of Christ Our Hope
Liverpool. It also provides for:
o the cure of souls in the new benefice to be shared by a team rector and
seven team vicars;
o the appointment of the team rector and seven team vicars;
o the housing arrangements for the team; and
o the future patronage arrangements for the new benefice;
all within the diocese of Liverpool.

A copy of the draft Scheme may be inspected at the parish churches, licensed places of worship and
chapels of ease of all the parishes of the above mentioned benefices.

You may also access the draft Scheme on the Commissioners’ website at or
obtain or inspect a copy during normal office hours by applying to me. Large print and/or audio
copies are available on request.
• Anyone may make representations to the Church Commissioners for or against all or any part
or parts of the draft Scheme (please include the reasons for your views) in writing or by email
to reach them no later than Tuesday 18 June 2024. Please send your representation
marked for the attention of Joanna Chandler-Clarke, Pastoral Division, Church
Commissioners, Church House, Great Smith Street, LONDON SW1P 3AZ (email: If they have not acknowledged receipt of
your representation before this date, please ring 020 7898 1737 or email them to ensure it has
been received. For administrative purposes, a petition will be classed as a single representation

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and the Commissioners will only correspond with the sender of the petition, if known, or
otherwise the first signatory – “the primary petitioner”.
• When making a representation, please indicate the nature of your interest in the proposals (e.g.
parishioner, member of parochial church council, etc) and whether you would like an
opportunity to speak to the Committee regarding your representation if the Commissioners
decide a hearing should be held regarding the case.
• If the Commissioners receive representations against the draft Scheme, they will send them,
and any representations supporting the draft Scheme, to the Bishop whose views will be sought.
Individual representors and the primary petitioner will then receive copies of the
correspondence with the Bishop (including copies of all the representations) and will be told
whether a hearing is to be held. They and individual petitioners may comment further to the
Commissioners. Copies of all of the representations received and associated correspondence will
be published on the Commissioners’ website if the matter needs to be considered by the
• If a hearing is held, anyone may attend the meeting of the Mission and Pastoral Committee that
considers the case and representors may have an opportunity to speak to the Committee.
Otherwise the case will be considered in private.
• When the Commissioners acknowledge representations they will let individual representors (and
the primary petitioner) know the next few dates of the Committee’s meetings. They will confirm
the actual date if a hearing is to be held nearer the time.
• The Commissioners’ Mission and Pastoral Committee will decide if the draft Scheme should
proceed when it considers all the representations on the basis of a paper prepared by the
Commissioners’ staff and any points raised at the meeting.
• The Commissioners will notify all representors of their decision and give a statement of the
reasons for it.
• If they so decide the Scheme should proceed, any representor or petitioner against the draft
Scheme may seek leave from the Privy Council to appeal against the decision.
• Please see for further information about the procedure.

Kim Stanley
Liverpool Diocesan Mission and Pastoral Committee
Tel: 0151 705 2132

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